Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New library resources

Faculty of 1000 Medicine and Faculty of 1000 Biology are two major new online services designed to help medics keep abreast of the most important new research in medicine and biology.

Run by a teams of over 2000 of the world's leading researchers and clinicians, Faculty of 1000 Medicine and Biology provide a consensus view of important articles and trends across medicine and the biological sciences. Faculty Members select the most significant articles and contribute short evaluations, providing a guide to key articles in your field, together with an expert's interpretation of what each article adds to our clinical knowledge.

Key features
  • Continuously updated selections of key articles across medicine and biology

  • Authoritative, timely and concise evaluations by leading clinicians and researchers.

  • Systematic organisation of only the most important medical literature.

  • Articles highlighted on the basis of their scientific merit and clinical relevance, rather than the reputation of the journal in which they appear.

Connect to the Faculty of 1000 Medicine

Faculty of 1000 is funded by the Science Foundation Ireland and access is via IReL


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