Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New look PubMed

From today, PubMed has changed to a new format. All the features of PubMed are still there…….but in a different place.

From the home page, you still have the search box and you can also link to:
MeSH Database
Clinical Queries (for evidence-based filters)
Lots of Help – see Using PubMed

The Limits, History and Details features can now be found in Advanced Search. Here you will also find links to other resources such as the MeSH database or Clinical Queries.

Why not take this opportunity to catch up with PubMed features and take the tutorials? See

The web address ( remains the same, so any bookmarks you have set up won’t be affected. Any saved searches or alerts (My NCBI) won’t be affected by the changes.

Further details available from the NLM (producers of PubMed) at and .

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