Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finding Irish information: ISSDA & IQDA

Following on from last week's post, these two archives may be of interest.

The Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA) is Ireland's leading centre for quantitative data acquisition, preservation and dissemination. Based at, and managed by, UCD Library, it is a national service that provides free access to a wide range of data in the social sciences, for research and teaching purposes. Data is acquired from academic, research bodies and public sector sources.

Key datasets in health include:

  • All Ireland Traveller Health Study
  • Children's Sport Participation and Physical Activity (CSPPA)
  • Survey of Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)
  • National Psychological Wellbeing and Distress Study (NPWDS)

The Irish Qualitative Data Archive (IQDA) is a central access point for qualitative social science data generated in or about Ireland. Based in NUI Maynooth, it is a national programme and qualitative datasets interviews, pictures and other non-numerical material.

Data collections include:
  • Growing Up in Ireland
  • Life Histories and Social Change
  • New Urban Living

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