Friday, August 29, 2014

Anywhere Systematic Review

Wiley has announced the launch of a new enhanced HTML format for viewing systematic review articles. Called Anywhere Systematic Review it aims to enhance the reading experience of articles on Wiley Online Library in four ways:

Readability - Superfluous information and clutter have been removed so that readers can focus on the article.

Navigation - The new layout and Sidebar tray allows readers easy access to important information, such as references, at any point in the reading experience, without losing their place on the page.

Functionality - As well as viewing items such as figure, tables and references in context, readers can use new tools to browse through all these items in one place, and quickly navigate to their context in the article.

Mobility - The responsive HTML article will adapt to any device -desktop, tablet or mobile - to give the optimal reading experience.

You can view an article in the new 'Anywhere Article' format wherever you see this link:

The Cochrane Library is a collection of healthcare databases. It contains over 5,000 Cochrane Reviews; these are systematic reviews of primary research in healthcare and health policy.

You can access the Cochrane Library through the RCSI library website at


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