Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RCSI repository for research and scholarly output - e-publications@RCSI

The Library has set up a repository for RCSI research and scholarly output called http://epubs.rcsi.ie/

What is e-publications@RCSI?
e-publications@RCSI (http://epubs.rcsi.ie/) is an open access repository of the research and scholarly output of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. The service is in development and is maintained and managed by RCSI Library.

Whose research is in it?
Material can be deposited by RCSI staff and students.

Where is it?
You can find it at http://epubs.rcsi.ie/ or link to it from the RCSI Library web pages.

How do I deposit my research?
Contact the repository administrators at epubs@rcsi.ie. We will contact you with further information on how to submit.

What can it do for me?
  • Help make your academic work freely available on the internet
  • Increase worldwide access to your work (in just 4 weeks people have downloaded RCSI research from 16 different countries)
  • Provide a central archive of your work
  • Many Irish funding bodies, including SFI, the HEA, the HRB and IRCSET, require researchers to submit published work funded by them to an open access repository

What do I need to do?
Keep pre- and post-prints of all your publications!
If possible we will use the publisher version of your publications. However, many publishers do not allow use of their final version. They usually allow use of pre-prints (this is the version of the paper pre-refereeing/pre-peer review) and/or post-prints (this is the final draft post-refereeing/post-peer review).

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