Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Renewing books online

You can renew your own books online using your user id number (from your RCSI id/library card) and your library password. Get your password from the service desks in the Mercer or Beaumont Hospital libraries.

  • Go to the Library's website and choose Catalogues
  • Sign in to the RCSI Library catalogue using your user id number and password
  • Click on My Library Account to display your record
  • Click on the link for Loans
  • Click on Renew All to renew your loans
  • Or renew loans individually by clicking on the item number and then the Renew button

Note - you may not renew an item if:

  • there is a hold on it
  • you have outstanding fines
  • you have already renewed it six times

Email us at or phone us at 402 2407 (Mercer) or 809 2531 (Beaumont) if you have questions.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wellbeing Book Collection

We have a new collection of books aimed at helping you cope with the stresses of student life covering topics like stress, addiction, anxiety, men's health, pregnancy and miscarriage, coping with panic attacks and relaxation techniques.

Search for "wellbeing" in the library catalogue for a full list of the titles available or ask a member of staff for more details.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Find it@RCSI Library

1. I have found the abstract (summary) of a really good article and I have the full reference (volume and page numbers) – where do I go to find the full text?

2. I have to find information on the overuse of medication, which database should I use to find articles on the topic?

3. Google gives me loads of irrelevant sites – biased, commercial – is there an alternative?

Looking for answers to these or similar questions?

Ask us at the Service Desks in the Mercer and Beaumont Hospital Libraries.

Email us at

Explore the Library’s website :

  • Ejournal portal to link through to the full-text of articles

  • Databases page to find articles on a topic

  • Ebooks page for the full text of a large range of electronic textbooks and digests

  • Library guide for opening hours and staff contacts

Sign up to the Information & Library Skills section on Moodle for lots of support on searching the web, using databases to find articles, doing literature reviews and using citation styles

Keep an eye on the Library blog for lots of information

1. Use the
Ejournal Portal on the Library’s website
2. The Medline and Embase databases include articles on biomedical and healthcare topics – see the
databases page on the Library’s website
3. Try using
Scirus – a search engine which focuses on government, healthcare, academic, technical websites