Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Library Database

RCSI Library has just subscribed to a new database - Health Business Elite.

This database provides comprehensive journal content detailing all aspects of healthcare administration and other non-clinical aspects of healthcare institution management. Topics covered include Hospital Management, Hospital Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, Computer Technology, Facilities Management and Insurance.

Health Business Elite contains full text content from more than 480 journals such as H&HN: Hospitals and Health Networks, Harvard Business Review (available back to 1922) , Health Facilities Management, Health Management Technology, Healthcare Financial Management, Marketing Health Services, Materials Management in Health Care, Modern Healthcare and many more.

Subject coverage includes:

  • Hospital Management
  • Hospital Administration
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Computer Technology
  • Facilities Management
  • Insurance

Health Business Elite is supplied by Ebsco.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

New ebooks at RCSI Library

RCSI Library has acquired a number of new ebooks which we hope will be of particular use to our undergraduate students. The new titles include Behavioral Science in Medicine, Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Grant's Dissector, Physiology: Cases and Problems and many more. You can search our entire collection of ebooks using our catalogue

Search our ebooks


Friday, September 12, 2014

Literature searching in evidence based reviews

The Library's recent presentation for RCSI researchers entitled "Literature searching in evidence based reviews and in systematic reviews" is now up on YouTube.

This is a comprehensive description of the stages and standards involved in designing, testing and executing search strategies for evidence based literature reviews.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trial of ClinicalKey

The Library is running a trial of ClinicalKey until 28th September and we’d  like to invite staff and students to evaluate  it as a potential new subscription for RCSI.

ClinicalKey is an advanced online search tool aimed at clinicians, researchers, academics and students which contains all of Elsevier’s medical and surgical content. The content includes over 500 electronic books some of which are core undergraduate texts and over 900 journals as well as procedural videos and millions of copyright cleared images.

In addition to providing high quality content, ClinicalKey also offers a search facility and a point of care tool (like UptoDate) called First Consult.

We’d be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes to look at it and let us know what you think of the content and the search functionality. Is it a product that you can see a use for, would you recommend it to students and/or colleagues and would you add your voice in support of a subscription?

Please send any feedback, comments etc. to


Friday, August 29, 2014

Anywhere Systematic Review

Wiley has announced the launch of a new enhanced HTML format for viewing systematic review articles. Called Anywhere Systematic Review it aims to enhance the reading experience of articles on Wiley Online Library in four ways:

Readability - Superfluous information and clutter have been removed so that readers can focus on the article.

Navigation - The new layout and Sidebar tray allows readers easy access to important information, such as references, at any point in the reading experience, without losing their place on the page.

Functionality - As well as viewing items such as figure, tables and references in context, readers can use new tools to browse through all these items in one place, and quickly navigate to their context in the article.

Mobility - The responsive HTML article will adapt to any device -desktop, tablet or mobile - to give the optimal reading experience.

You can view an article in the new 'Anywhere Article' format wherever you see this link:

The Cochrane Library is a collection of healthcare databases. It contains over 5,000 Cochrane Reviews; these are systematic reviews of primary research in healthcare and health policy.

You can access the Cochrane Library through the RCSI library website at


Thursday, August 28, 2014

RCSI Heritage Collections Unveils Previously Unseen Surgery and Medical Education Records

The RCSI Library today announced it has unveiled the College’s prized Heritage Collections. These extensive collections comprise archives, manuscripts and antiquarian books relating to the teaching and practice of surgery and medicine in Ireland.

Ms Kate Kelly, RCSI Chief Librarian said “RCSI holds a unique place in the history of surgery and medical education in Ireland since the late 1700s. The opening up of these collections to students, staff, researchers, academics and the general public for the first time will lead to new discoveries and anyone with an interest in the history of medicine in Ireland will find these collections rich with fresh and unique historical facts.”

The RCSI Heritage Collections include records relating to College correspondence and meetings, student registers, examinations, fees, fellows and licentiates. The archive also houses collections of a large number of prominent individuals including Abraham Colles (1773-1843), William Wallace (1791-1837), Sir Charles A. Cameron (1830-1921), Thomas Heazle Parke (1857 – 1893) and Emily Winifred Dickson (1866 – 1944). The materials are in a variety of formats including casebooks, diaries, lecture notes, published papers, photographs and clinical illustrations. 

Antiquarian books in surgery, medicine and allied topics are also part of the RCSI Heritage Collections. Works by Irish surgeons and doctors, especially those associated with RCSI over its 230 year history are a great source of information and will add greatly to the depth of RCSI’s history and the study of the history of medicine. There are more than 6000 pamphlets, with a particular focus on local eighteenth and nineteenth century issues. The collection also includes commemorative and memorial literature from various members of the medical profession.

The RCSI Heritage Collections includes the largest medical instrument collection in Ireland, with more than 1500 instruments including William Wilde’s aural snare, Robert McDonnell’s blood transfusion apparatus and surgical instruments from the Battle of Victoria 1813. Pioneers, founders and inventors of new surgical techniques and instruments walked the halls of RCSI. These individuals helped to forge medical advancements that benefit patients daily. 

Through a major cataloguing initiative within the RCSI Library, parts of these collections are now available to search online.   

Anybody interested in viewing the collection can visit the Widdess Reading Room in the Mercer Library. Viewing is by appointment only every Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4.30 pm. To view any records held by the RCSI Heritage Collections an appointment must be made in advance by emailing the Archivist.

See the Heritage Blog for more.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guide to academic and scientific publication

A comprehensive guide written by Linda Olson with advice for authors discussing the success factors in scholarly publishing, presentation matters and communication with editors.