Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Calling all Students! Share your Mercer Memories

 To mark the closure of the Mercer Library space before our brand new library opens on 3rd July 2017, we want students to share their memories of their time in the Mercer. Whether you are still onsite doing exams (nearly there!) or anywhere in the world, we have a way for you to get involved...and prizes for the best entries.

If you are still working away in the library and need a distraction, snap a picture of your favourite study spot. You can post it to our Facebook page with a comment as to why you love it! Or if you are not on Facebook you can email your pic and note to

If you are lucky enough to have finished your exams and are not near the library, you can share photos or a memory about your time in the Mercer Library on our digital online Memory Board. If you would like to be included in the pot for prizes you can sign it, but if not, you can mention your year or class e.g. IC2 or 2nd Pharm

Contribute to the #MercerMemories digital Memory Board
All of your pics and memories will be added to the RCSI Archives which hold collections and materials from College, staff and students about their time in RCSI. You never know, you might recognise your #MercerMemory at your 40th Alumni Reunion!  

Don't forget you can get more information or ask any questions at the Library Service Desk!                               

As we prepare to move to 26 York Street we look forward to creating many new memories at the Library's new home...opening Monday 3rd July 2017!