Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RCSI Research Authors 2012

SCOPUS from Elsevier is a huge multidisciplinary citation index which gives the institutional affiliation of each author in a publication. In the year Jan - Dec 2012 SCOPUS indexed 331 research articles or review articles where one or more authors had an RCSI affiliation.

Author affiliation searching in the citation databases gives a rapid overview of institutional publications and the data can be ranked by a variety of indicators.  

SCOPUS has a series of online tutorials linked from the front page.

RCSI users connect to SCOPUS 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Mercer Library - Group Study Room online booking system

From Thursday 11 April 2013, RCSI Mercer Library will pilot an online Group Study Room booking system.
This system will allow students to book one of the 8 Group Study Rooms via the Library web pages, receive an email confirmation of this booking and to view or cancel the booking.
  • Manual booking at desk will continue up until 1pm on Saturday 13 April
  • From 10am on Thursday 11 April, students can use the online system to make Mercer Group Study Room bookings from Mon 15 April onwards. Go to Group Study Rooms on the Library web pages
  • To book the Beaumont Library Study Room please continue to call in or phone the Beaumont Library at 01-8092531.
For all questions on the online Group Study Room booking system, please contact the Mercer Library Service Desk at or 4022407