Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who is JANE?

JANE is the Journal/Author Name Estimator

  • If you have recently prepared a paper, can you find recommended journals to submit it to?
  • Or maybe as a final check on your work, can you browse closely related papers?
  • Or as an editor, can you find related qualified reviewers?

Paste any title or abstract into the search area and JANE will find the best matching authors, papers or journals.

JANE is here

BIOSEMANTICS has developed various knowledge management tools in the biomolecular field.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Social Media and the Medical Profession

Social media and the medical profession

A guide to online professionalism for practioners and students.

A joint initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Medical Associations, this site offers advice and resources about emerging issues in the use of social media.

Evidence is emerging about the risks for medical professionals in engaging with social media. Online behaviours can impact upon professional integrity, professional relationships and employment opportunities. Perceptions of professional behaviour must evolve to encompass new social media.