Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lenus, the Irish Health Repository

LENUS is an online repository of health-related reports, research and official publications from 1960 compiled by the HSE Regional Library & Information Service in Dublin. LENUS includes policy documents, official publications, clinical research, theses and statistics. Authors can also submit their original research to the repository. LENUS includes documents from the former Irish Health Boards, the Health Service Executive and Department of Health and Children. It is an important resource for health professionals, policy makers, academics, librarians, students and the general public.


NCBI Biosystems Database

The NCBI Biosystems database has now gone public. The NCBI BioSystems Database currently contains biological pathways from two source databases, KEGG and the EcoCyc subset of BioCyc. It uses the same search interface as other NCBI databases as pubmed and Entrez Gene.

Use the database to list genes, proteins, and small molecules that are involved in a biological pathway. More

  • Find the pathways in which a given gene or protein is involved. More
  • Find the pathways in which a specific small molecule is involved. More
  • Retrieve 3D structures for proteins involved in a biosystem. More