Wednesday, September 27, 2023

#FairSpaceForAll starting Monday 16th October 2023

The library is a shared resource and it is essential to ensure equal access to space for all. #FairSpaceForAll Seat Reservation Policy comes into effect from Monday 16th October. 

How does the #FairSpaceForAll work
#FairSpaceForAll bookmarks will be available in Library spaces in 26 York Street, Ground Floor, Levels 1 and 2. Be sure to pick one up when you come into any of the study areas. The bookmark is designed to be re-used so take it with you when you leave and bring it back the next time you are in the Library.
#FSFA Bookmark

How do they work? 
Take a bookmark when you come into the library or when you find your workspace. When you want to leave your workspace, fill in the date and the time you leave, and be back within 45 minutes!
If you are leaving your workspace for more than 45 minutes, take your belongings with you or they might get packed up and moved to the concourse area on that floor - i.e. opposite the main lifts.

When will items be moved? Items will be moved when you have not followed the policy of noting the date and time you have left your
workspace, or if you are gone longer than 45 minutes, or if you put the wrong time on your bookmark, or if you don't use a bookmark at all.

When are items cleared from workspaces? This can happen at any time, in any area of the library for any work space where the policy is not adhered to. 

Ask at the Library Information Point in 26 York Street for more information. Chat with us or emails

What does ‘removing items’ mean?
At any point during the day, members of the Library team will be checking the Library spaces on Levels 1 and 2 and may remove items on workspaces which:

  • Do not have the #FairSpaceForAll bookmark on them with the time you left your workspace
  • Workspaces where students have been away longer than 45 minutes, as indicated from the #FairSpaceForAll bookmark.  
  • Have a 'fake time' on the bookmark i.e. later than when you really left
All items left at a workspace will be put in a plastic box. This includes devices being unplugged so if work is unsaved – it might be lost.

Any food items will be put in the box also along with bottled drinks. Liquids in containers e.g. coffee, tea, soup will be left on a table beside the collection area.

Where will the boxes with removed items be left?

What happens if I don’t collect my items on the day they are removed? 
Uncollected items in boxes at the end of the day will be removed by security into lost property for collection.

What happens if a 'fake' time is written on the #FairSpaceForAll bookmark?
Where students write a later time as their 'time left' on their bookmarks, items may be removed, as if there was no bookmark on the space at all.

Why is this needed?
Library policies indicate that when using RCSI Library users are expected to:
 …Be responsible for your own property and not leave personal belongings unattended and Allow others equal access to library resources – any study place left unattended for 45 minutes or more may be used by another individual.

Library policy includes:

3.4 Reservation of seats To ensure that all available facilities are open to every student, the principle of equal access will be enforced within the Library fairly and impartially. The library reserves the right to implement throughout the academic year procedures to assist with equitable access to study spaces including, but not limited to, FairSpaceForAll procedures (navigate to Library Policy.pdf in the menu) 
Students sign-up to the library policies as part of the Student Code of Conduct.

Who should I contact? 
If you have any queries, please contact

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