Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Citation Indexes - what's in a name?

RCSI Researchers
Are there different versions of your name on your published works? It is important to use a consistent version of your name as most databases index an author’s name based on the information they receive from journal publishers. Because publishers and databases do not always match your name with other papers you publish, this may result in inaccuracies when collating your published work, your citations or your h-index.

If there are different versions of your name, it is recommended that you merge your articles and papers in the two large citation databases, Scopus and Web of Science. Both citation indexes provide several ways for authors to correct information or variants in the databases.

Web of Knowledge
Search for yourself as author by name.
View the "Distinct Author Record Sets"
Click to open items with variant forms of your name 
Use the " Suggest a correction" option to request Web of Knowledge to amend your name.

Do an author search for yourself.
If presented with variant forms of your name, select "Request to merge authours" and request a correction.

Please contact Paul Murphy for more information.

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