Thursday, August 6, 2015

RCSI Open Access Publications now in National Portal

RCSI Libraries are pleased to announce that RIAN, the national portal for open access research output in Ireland is now harvesting data from RCSI’s institutional open access repository, e-publications@RCSI

RIAN,,  aggregates the content of 15 open access research repositories from the higher education and health sectors in Ireland and is the primary source for Irish open access research publications.

RCSI’s inclusion in RIAN makes the open access output of RCSI researchers easier to discover and more visible and is another vehicle for promoting RCSI research output.

Open Access:
Open Access is the free, immediate, on-line availability of research articles, coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment.  Making published research open access is increasingly a mandatory requirement of research funders.  Funders with open access mandates include the HRB, SFI, Wellcome Foundation and the HEA. European research funding  including H2020 is also increasingly requiring text and research data to be made open access.  One way to fulfil a funders mandate is to deposit your output in the RCSI institutional open access repository e-publications@RCSI.  For further information please email  

Check out the live downloads from e-publications@RCSI on

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